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“Portugal is the best surfing destination in Europe. Period. My goal is to make sure you don´t miss the best peaks and make the most of your surfing experience while in Portugal.”

In the 90’s, Marcos Anastácio was one of the best Portuguese surfers out there. And one of the most outspoken, too. He’s still an awesome surfer, but the pro surfing career days are gone. However, the salty water in him keeps flowing and Marcos remains vocal promoting Portugal as an unmatched european surfing destination. Nowadays, no one doubts it.

And he’s led the way too: founded the first surf school in Carcavelos and, more recently, the best surf rentals service in Lisbon. And then he started being asked as a Portugal Surf Guide…

Introducing: Champion Surf Guide, an high-quality, turnkey and 100% customized surfing experience in Portugal. A surf guide like no other. Believe us, you couldn´t find anyone better. Marcos has the knowledge, the experience and an honest desire to share it with other surfers. What’s more? He’s an easy guy to like, you’ll see.

Time is always limited, Champion Surf Guide assures you don´t waste it and have the most memorable time in Portugal. From the best sand banks and reefs to the most exquisite landscapes and uncrowded waves, Marcos knows it all. You’re in good hands. Trust us… or get in touch… or call him (+351 962 681 113) and check it by yourself.

A Brief History Of...Marcos

From the time as a pro surfer to Champion Surf Guide:
30 years of surf experience, at your service

1995 1995
1998 1998
2000 2000
2014 2014
2018 2018


National Surf Champion and Vice European Champion

Awesome, isn’t it? Marcos became big both in Portugal and in Europe.


4th place in WSL Europe Tours

Our star continues to shine! (we’d say he deserved more than 4th place, but that’s us)


Founded Angels Surf School

Where he has fun passing on his pro skills to kids and grown-ups.


Started up Portugal Surf Rentals

To fix travelling surfers with the greatest surfboards they can find in Portugal… and that’s the truth


Now Champion Surf Guide!

A five-star service that will make you not want to go anywhere without a Surf Guide like Marcos.

C’mon, enough praising the guy

What Does Marcos Bring

To The Table Exactly?

All-in-all: professional experience, raw passion, no bullshit approach and some Portuguese blood.

Portuguese, Born

And Raised

Marcos knows many surf spots all over the world, but Portuguese beaches are his playground and passion. You’ll get to know the best of Portugal in no time… without wasting time.

Champion Knowledge

Marcos doesn´t brag but he likes to share what he has learned throughout his journey. And you’ll understand it fast: you’re getting a BULLSHIT FREE Portugal Surf Guide.

30 Years’ Experience…

Well, the guy has been around for a while, but he’s as comfortable in the water as it gets and you’ll feel that confidence in his company. Do you dare to challenge him? 🙂

Warm, Spirited, Professional

You’ll probabbly feel like you’ve known him for a long time. Marcos will treat you as a friend who shares his passion without forgetting that you’re paying him for a service.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Marcos will make sure you have a memorable time
surfing Europe's best waves.

Get In Touch