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For the surfers that just want to have fun

Do you know those really sucky summer spells when it’s flat everywhere and you just can’t hop on the board and go hit some waves? Well, Praia Grande is the solution for this kind of dark magic. Flat is a foreign concept here.

With long and slow waves at low tide, and faster, shorter shorebreaks when the tide starts pushing up, Praia Grande is one of the most consistent and versatile beachbreaks near Lisbon. Thanks to the cliffs that surround the beach, wind is not a problem. Moreover, the swell is great all year, you can surf here anytime you want.

And then there’s Sintra, the nearby UNESCO classified village. Trust us, Sintra is really something: a castle and a stunning palace on the hill, the persistent gloom, the forest, the romantic architecture. Magic stuff, too.

Flat What?

It’s the middle of the Summer and it’s flat and windy everywhere. You head to Sintra’s coast and guess what… it’s not, actually. Praia Grande’s got your back.

Truly Versatile

Depending on the bottoms and tide: a left at the left side of the beach, a center triangule that breaks to both sides, and the powerful pool at the right.

Great For Bodyboard

If the swell is good, the high tide gives you bodyboard paradise waves. There’s a reason why Praia Grande hosts the Bodyboard World Tour event in August/September every year.

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