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Over 100 peaks for all-level surfers

Cutting to the chase, Costa da Caparica extends over 30km till Cabo Espichel, and it’s 30km of good peaks that work all year round for all surfers’ skills.

On the hot summer days, Lisbonners and tourists from all ages and walks of life come to Caparica and rejoice with the sparkling ocean and peaceful scenery. From Cova do Vapor to Fonte da Telha, there are lots of beaches to enjoy and a beachbreak for every surfer as well.

Starting in the city center, the jetties and beach orientation make for bigger waves and more defined breaks. Look for the low tide lefts at Cova do Vapor and Rio, plus the seven jetties referred to as CDS. Further south, check Praia da Rainha for average, open beachbreaks. Depending on the swell and sandbars, we’re certain you’ll find your dream wave in Costa da Caparica.

All-Year-Round Consistency

Waves break in Costa da Caparica 365 days a year with great consistency. A blessing from the Surf Gods rolling in from the powerful Atlantic Ocean.

A Peak For Everybody

Relax… Although Caparica gets crowded in the Summer, because it stretches for 30km and 100 peaks, everyone has the chance to surf in peace.

No Surfer Is Left Behind

Caparica’s waves are an awesome fit for every surfer, no matter their prowness. And if KiteSurf is what tickles your fancy, try Praia da Nova Vaga! We know you’ll love it.

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