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Have you Heard About "Supertubos"?

Every year in October Peniche is the place where you can find the surf royalty! There are only a few spots in the world where World Surf League sets the main men’s surf competition, and Supertubos, in Peniche, is one of them – it’s a beachbreak in every pro surfer bucket list.

Luckily, you don´t need to be a pro to enjoy it! Supertubos is the star, but there’s a lot more –  Peniche is a Peninsula with north and south-facing coastlines with 9 beaches and around 20 surf spots. It’s easy to find at least one with perfect conditions.

For an ocean-themed day enjoy the chilled Peniche vibe in Praia do Baleal, get your surfer juices flowing at Supertubos and take the boat to the unmissable Berlengas Island. And then top it off with a fish stew in a typical restaurant!

Legendary Supertubos

The name says it all: perfect tubular waves. One of the best waves anywhere in the World, loved by the surf elite.

A Lot To Choose From

Peniche is a Peninsula with 15km of coastline and 20 surf spots to choose from: Supertubos, Baleal, Molhe Leste, Consolação…

Consistently Good

Regardless of the swell and wind direction, with north and south-facing coastlines Peniche makes it easy to find offshore winds and perfect waves.

Other World Class Surf Spots

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