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Europe’s Top Surfing Coastline Stretch?

Peniche will not like it, but probably yes! Ericeira was declared World Surfing Reserve in 2011 (the world’s 2nd at the time and Europe’s only one to the present day). Meaning? It’s plain awesome! A world-class 8km long surf coastline dominated by rock cliffs and bays that offers a truly staggering variety of waves and iconic surf breaks such as Ribeira d’Ilhas and Coxos.

Coxos is definitely the Queen with its heavy sectioning barrels and long walls. Pedra Branca has a shallow take-off zone, but it something worth enduring as you’ll be rewarded with a wide barrel. The super famous Ribeira d’Ilhas is the most accessible reef break and a very consistent right-hand point break. And then there’s the terrifying slab known as “The Cave” – for pros only (this guy knows how to tackle it).

Ericeira hosts the ASP’s Quiksilver Pro Portugal and other international competitions.

World Surfing Reserve

Named in 2011, it’s still the only one in Europe. Criteria? Here’s the first one: “Quality and Consistency of the waves”.

Awesome Diversity

8km of point breaks, reef breaks, beachbreaks… you name it, Ericeira has it all in a landscape dominated by cliffs and bays.

Iconic Breaks

Do Ribeira d’Ilhas, Coxos or “The Cave” ring a bell? Even if you’re not a surfer, you probably watched the likes of Kelly Slater surfing here.

Other World Class Surf Spots

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