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Fun Peaks In Beautiful Alentejo

São Torpes is the first surf beach of the Alentejo Coast if you’re coming from Lisbon. And let us tell you… you’ll feel very welcome there.

It’s known for the warm water and the friendly, fun environment. The northern part, beside the jetty and the petrol refineries, has some swell shelter and is protected from northern winds. In good days it barrels and starts getting powerful. Little tip: for bigger peaks head further south where the rocks and coves give you some variety.

Being in Alentejo, it’s not likely to get crowded. Also, it works any time of the year and fits all surf levels. Everybody wins.

As most Portuguese surf spots, São Torpes is the stage of several local and national competitions.

If you want to go exploring Alentejo – and you should! – you can hope for little known surf spots, empty breaks and idyllic beaches… could anyone ask for better?

Here You’re Home

Not only the whole Alentejo has this beauty like you never experienced, this particular surf spot is known for the friendly and welcoming crowds.

Having Fun In The Sun

Easy wave in smaller days. But the real fun? It’s in the good days further south when the Ocean (and the rocks and coves) provide you some variety.

For Any Month, Any Season

… it’s always on point. São Torpes has some dependable surf and welcomes you any time of the year. And welcomes all-level surfers as well.

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