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The birth place of Portuguese surf

Halfway between Lisbon and Cascais, Carcavelos is the place where Portuguese surf was born (and fantastically raised, we may add). Because it’s close to Lisbon and easily accessible by train, it gets crowded in the Summer, packed with families, skaters, basketballers and, of course, surfers and bodyboarders. Pleasant weather, white sand, good waves… who can blame them, right?

When it’s on, this Lisbon’s gem has multiple peaks to both sides along the large beach. All hollow and with some juice with shallow sandbars. Our tip? Wait for a south ground swell with a slight north east wind – this gets the peaks working really well and barreling down the beach for those wanting to jump into the green room. The best tide is definitely mid tide.

Carcavelos hosts Billabong Pro every October, a must. Also mandatory 🙂 is to pay us a visit at our offices, shared with Angels Surf School and Portugal Surf Rentals.

Our Home

Carcavelos is where we have our offices! It’s the place where you can find Marcos and the rest of the team. Don’t be shy, come say hi!

Surf Legends

Portuguese surf and some of the best surfers started here. And, even after their prime years, you can still see them surfing there.

The Place To Learn

With the right swell, Carcavelos can turn into a tube fest. But even on “smaller” days, it’s a fun wave to surf (lucky us) and an awesome place to learn!

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